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I started by drafting some shapes for necklaces and collars while keeping hanging pendants in mind. I then crafted the pointed design, starting with a simple rectangle sheet then building down and adding the point row by row. The first few chunks of chainmail felt rather complex, but after I’d done it 4 or 5 times I’d figured out exactly how to stretch and close each ring and got the hang of the pattern. I then decided to frame that with two small peaks and bring a chain down and around for a more dynamic piece.


The way I originally wanted to clasp the jewelry on was with toggle and t-bar clasps, but that ended up not entirely working so I had to figure out a new way. In the interim, I just opened a hoop wide enough for the rings around it to slip easily through and used that as a simple sort of clasp. After trying it one, I realized the top part that wrapped around my neck felt a little loose, so I employed a modified dragon back to, in a way, hem that edge for a cleaner, stronger edge, but that ended up shortening the length of the chain, so I had to add more to the sides to make it fit around my throat again.


The wrap-around part on the first design gave me the idea to make a second piece of body jewelry, in the shape of a bikini top. I made two triangles of 4 in 1 sheet, and used a flower chain to connect around the neck and around the back. I experimented with several different kinds of weave but felt the flower suited the style quite nicely, and would be more comfortable to wear.


 I had a rather hard time dealing with the center between the two sheets, as it kept folding out instead of in, so I ended up making two triangles out of flower links so it wouldn’t bulge so awkwardly. I also added two inches, one on either side of this triangle, to add extra support, but I also realized it would be great to hang two pendants from those little hooks, to make them more aesthetically pleasing.


While chainmail is traditionally used as armor, it is currently being used in fashion and jewelry; my grandmother has a silver mesh scarf, and I got the idea to make chainmail after seeing a girl on the internet make a full dress out of it. Since I was working from home, I couldn't rivet my chainmail, but if I could, it would likely be impenetrable to most thrusts and slashed from any sort of medieval weapon. But, since I am not a 12th-century crusader fighting under Richard the Lionheart, I will not lose sleep over this. I ended up with two chainmail objects- one that hung around the neck like a necklace, then wrapped around the waist like a belt, and a second that is worn like a halter top, clasping in the back but not behind the neck. In the end, for both these pieces, I used roughly 1300 12AWG/14SWG, 5/16” ID aluminum jump rings. I used a European 4 in 1 for both, but used a “back to work” chain for the necklace, and substituted those or a flower chain in the halter

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