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Whether it was doodling in my history textbooks, or practicing my lines in the school bathroom, my love for the arts has impacted every aspect of my life since I was a child. Math and science were always enjoyable but refused to compromise my artistic passions in university. My experience with fine art has led me toward graphic design and pushed me to use computer science and technology as a tool to create art. I design, develop, and explore my projects in unique ways, and thrive off the limitations inherent to tech, art, and digital media.

Majoring in Creative Technology and Design engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, I focus on digital art, graphic design, and physical design. I started in university with a traditional engineering degree but found myself bored with the curriculum, and craved the artistic enrichment the program plainly lacked. I have always loved drawing and design, and have grown to love it more and more as I have explored programs in the Adobe suite and in 3D modeling.

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